June 28, 2007

Silver Bay

For my Girls Who Draw assignment, "favorite place", I chose Silver Bay, a small YMCA conference center on Lake George in upstate New York. My grandmother started working at this YMCA camp when she was in her 20's (maybe teens?) and returned year after year. Eventually, she and my grandfather bought a small cottage on the mountainside right off campus. Ever since I was zero years old (in my mother's tummy) I have gone to Silver Bay for vacation in the summer. It's rustic (take a canoe out to the middle of the lake if you want to get cell phone service), beautiful, outdoorsy, peaceful... all things that have made it a very special place to me. For three summers in college, I worked at Silver Bay - 2 summers as a Sterling Silver jewelry making instructor, one summer as a conference set-up crew (and the last 2 summers, I was an RA for the dorms, too). I made a lot of long lasting friendships and I look forward to going back there every summer, if I can. So, it is definitely my favorite place in the whole world.

Technique: Another teeny watercolor, this one 4"x6". I need to learn some techniques because this could have been a lot cooler probably. Still learning!

1 comment:

Sarah Fox said...

Lovely! I like the repeating forms of the triangle in your painting. You make me want to go visit there.