April 9, 2009

I Carried a Watermelon

These here little ditty was used for a fake ticket for a Dirty Dancing show here in LA. The recipient, a die hard fan (what 20-30 something girl isn't a fan?), will surely recognize the quote. I think the wobbly hand-written text captures the awkwardness that Baby felt after she uttered those words. And also I love doing type by hand whenever I get the chance.


Oolong T said...

Love. But I've always loved your stuff. Hope you and the girls are doing awesomely well. ;-)

~Teresa (yup, the one you used to work with)

Cat Scott said...

Yay! T! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We miss you dearly. Time to stalk you in the blog world (but of course, not at work, because blogger is BLOCKED!)