September 22, 2010


stella artois beer painting

Stella Artois - 18" x 18" - Oil on Canvas
For Sale: $350, price includes shipping cost

Finally finished a beer painting I started back in 2007, Stella Artois. I went through a Stella phase, but got over it when I realized IPA's are far tastier.

Read more over at the beer blog.

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator


Unknown said...

You should do a montage of the great "bum wines." Mad Dog 20/20, Thunderbird and Nightrain and whatever other one's you can think up. Really classy up the"bum" wine brand.

On a serious note I like this, I think i remember seeing work on this once or twice, looks a lot better now =D

Kater said...

Awesomeness!! Love it.

Cat Scott Larimore said...

Pete - I like the suggestion. I have thought about doing a Bud Light piece just for you, too :) Next up I'm doing some local craft beers, though. Kater - thanks for the kind words!

Bombones lujo Chocolate said...

I am slowly starting to see a faint trace of my style, the way I approach a theme and execute it. But at this stage it is like a barely there whisper and I am looking forward to discovering more of it and to see how your style develops:-)