June 16, 2011

Updated Illustration Portfolio

With the wedding and our new house purchase behind us, I am finally finding time to nurture my illustration practice (while I simultaneously nurture my relationship, my new home and garden, my full time job, and my other new favorite practice, yoga).

To that end, I have updated the illustration portfolio of my website. This reflects my shift to working in my "sketchbook style" only. Not only do I prefer working in this style, it seems to be a big hit with the art directors.

I have also added a Newsletter Sign-up form to the site so you can choose to receive a concise monthly digest of some recent work and/or news. There is also a mini-sign-up form over there in the sidebar --->

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more new work!



Unknown said...

I absolutely love art and your blog is just filled with nooks and crannies of stuff i love!!

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