May 30, 2007

driving on the 101

Driving in a car is hard. The pen bounces in very unpredictable ways. The color on this is not very accurate - I have a really hard time scanning things in accurate color. I have an Epson scanner, anyone know of a way to get good scans out of it? (she asked her 1 faithful reader)


Sarah Fox said...

You've #1 faithful reader says...I'm pretty crappy at the computer stuff, but this is what sometimes works for me: I import from scanner to Photoshop, go to the "view" menu and click "proof colors" and that usually changes the colors back to what they should look like. I've got an hp scanner...and I have no idea why that works, but it just sometimes does. :)

Robin said...

Hey Cat, my scanner has trouble whenever there is texture involved, it tends to emphasize what is underneath, rather than the color on top. I usually just do color adjustments in photoshop after I import it. Also, when you scan, if you leave too much white space around the piece you are scanning, rather than dragging the box as close to the edges of the piece as you can, the colors of the piece will come out really dull. Hope that helps.