May 22, 2007

the next ani difranco?

This past summer, when we went to get out nightly dosage of caffeine at Big E's, there was a little open mic thing going on. This chic was pretty rocking. I snapped a crappy, blurry photo of her with the intentions of drawing it someday. I think the drawing could be better.... I used to always draw with pencil and ever since last year I have been making myself draw with pen. It's hard to look at a line and say "damn, that's in the wrong place" but there isn't much you can do about it. But I can definitely say I have improved! Here's my first drawing from my first Moleskin sketchbook after the illustration Academy. Actually, I kind of like it.

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Sarah Fox said...

I love the color in the Big E's one, and I really love the Heather one (especially all the fun facts around her head). I think your drawing skill has grown so much since last summer, but I like how some things have stayed the same, like your fantastic use of pattern!