July 6, 2007

Geeky Fish

I decided to participate in Illustration Friday for the first time in over a year. Just another excuse to create something in my sketchbook. The topic this week was "Geeky" and it made me think of the benefits of being a non-conformist. After some clever googling, I found an interesting tidbit about male guppies: Most have plain old spots, but some have brilliant color and design to them. These guppies have an advnatage over others: Not only do they attract the females better, but predators seem to overlook them. It's good to be different.

This is pen and gouache in my Moleskin sketchbook. The "geek" glasses were one of those last minute additions... why do we all think "glasses" when we think "geek?" I couldn't resist it.


Tina Poe said...

Love the glasses!

ColourYourWorld said...

A Nice touch. The colours are lovely.

jim bradshaw said...

I'll bet your geeky fish will get along with my geeky birds. ;)