July 22, 2007

Venice Beach

I thought it would be a good idea to bring along my little travel watercolor set and my little watercolor moleskin sketchbook to do some plein air painting at Venice Beach. I did a fun ink drawing with a sepia Hi-tec C, and started laying down watercolor. Then everything fell apart. I knew the pen would bleed a bit, but I did not know it would turn purple. I had about a teaspoon of water to mix with so all my colors became muddy. Sand was in my paints, my water, and in my paintbrushes. So I sort of gave up, but there's still something I like about it - I captured my day in this little watercolor. I look at it and am flooded by the experiences of the day, even if it included a failed attempt at plein air watercoloring.


chr!stopher said...

Doesnt look like a failure. I like it... there is so much mood caught in this piece.

Sarah Fox said...

I kinda like the purple, I thought you did it on purpose before I read your comment. You are so great at watercolor. I think this is another example of your talent.

andillustrations said...

i love this. its so animated, and really captures the mood of Venice beach.