September 18, 2007

Blue Moon

What's this? 2 posts in one night?

Here is the glorious Blue Moon, the 2nd in my series of beer paintings... yeah, I know, it took a while to take off. Patience, grasshoppers. I have a lot of delicious beers in my fridge that I need to paint before i can drink - how's that for incentive? I even started a new blog just for this project because I am so excited about it!


Sarah Fox said...

Beautiful!!! I love the lighting on that one, it goes well with the light, refreshing beer you chose to paint. I got your painting in the mail yesterday, and it was even better in person!!! Glad to see your painting again, now I just need to follow in your footsteps.

Katy Abramson said...

yummmy. get in my belly.