September 2, 2007

Dave Brubeck

I saw Dave Brubeck, jazz pianist extraordinaire, at the Hollywood Bowl last week. It was fantastic. He's this cute little old man who sits down at the piano with his cute little old men quartet friends and they ROCK OUT like they're 20. It was so fun to watch them play.

It's too F*ing hot in Los Angeles to be inside without air conditioning - my apartment is currently 85 degrees inside. Hence, no beer painting yet.


Sarah Fox said...

I love this! The drawing is so nice, and glad to see you back at work sketching. I can't believe you don't have AC in your place. AHHHHH!!!! It was 105 degrees here last week, I can't wait for autumn.

Tim said...

A very nice work of art. Strong composition, sensitve yet active line, pretty sophistcated stuff.

What is the size?

Tim Langenderfer

andillustrations said...

this is great, cat. keep up the work in your sketchbook. Its so fresh, and lively.

Cat Scott said...

Tim - this is just a sketchbook piece done with a Micron pen and a Prismacolor marker, I'm flattered that you find it sophisticated! Angela & sarah, thanks for the kind words and encouragement - I need to make myself get back into my sketchbook work.