July 28, 2009

Tuesday Coolsday

Apparently, I typed up my Tuesday Coolsday from last week but forgot to post it before I headed for vacation. I'm sure you have all been suffering terribly from Gato Blog deprivation. Here's a snapshot from me in front of El Capitan and the rest of Yosemite Valley on Saturday morning. And now on back to our regularly scheduled blogging:

Cool finds from working the google reader on the internet machine.

Cool article: Designs on Policy
An article by Allison Arieff on how graphic design plays an important role in everything and should be considered at the national level. Graphic Design isn't just about crazy angles and text and doing something groundbreaking; it affects everything from voting ballots to displaying financials in a pitch. Information needs to be organized in a clear and logical fashion for the end user to understand what is being presented to them. Stop reading this and go read the article. via NY Times

Cool watercolorist: Nina Johansson
This chic does lovely little plein air paintings that knock my socks off. Just look at the texture in this piece, and she's even so kind as to show us her process. My watercolors are at a zygote level so I appreciate seeing how other artists work. via... don't remember!

Cool mock beer cans: All in the Familjen

The cute, naive, monotone illustrations make these beer cans really pop off the shelf... Well, if they ever made it to a shelf. I know I would buy them simply based on their packaging. Hear that, all you VP's of Marketing??? via Twig & Thistle

Till next time, thanks for reading!

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