July 29, 2009

View from Lindsay's

View from Lindsay's, originally uploaded by Gato81.

I spent a recent Saturday afternoon soaking up the sun on my friend's rooftop patio in Westwood. I probably should have used my new set of pens which vary in weight, but instead did this whole thing with a .3mm Hi-Tec C instead. My meticulous nature strikes again!

It also would have been cool to do some washes over it, but I never bring my paints around with me. It seems cumbersome to lug that stuff around all the time, and busting out a travel paint set, brushes, and a water jar while my friends flip through magazines and nap seems strange to me. I guess it just takes getting used to. Any suggestions out there as to how I could ease into sketching with color/paint?

Till next time...


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