August 24, 2009

My desk at ES

My desk at ES, originally uploaded by Gato81.

The summer months tend to be slow at my company, a commercial real estate investment banking firm, where I work as a graphic designer. I don't usually draw anything around my desk because it's all so dull and I stare at it every day, but doing this whole "landscape" was kind of fun. It's kind of a mess, but it's very me.

Highlights from this landscape:

  • my giant monitor (the scale here is all screwed up, trust me, it's huge)

  • the fact that my giant monitor sits on a ream of paper. Fancy monitor stands are just a little too high.

  • stack of business cards: I have given out 1, and it was to the shoe-cobbler who comes around our office.

  • white castle mug that sits on a donut coffee-warmer

  • the fancy phone on which I receive about 2 phone calls a week

  • the fancy halogen light that doesn't even work, but I leave it there anyway

  • the decorative stone container (in front of my phone); handmade in Africa and purchased for me by a Silver Bay buddy. I keep vitamins in it.

  • the mouse hiding behind the phone. I use a wacom tablet so the mouse only gets used by the IT guy when he comes by

I drew this with a uni•ball vision elite in my Strathmore sketch pad, which is considerably less intimidating than my Moleskin. This is probably a good thing, because I couldn't find my favorite thick paper Moleskin at Hennessey & Ingalls today. Sad.


Riff Dog said...

This is a very cool drawing. I'm impressed that the subject matter is fairly ordinary (no offense,) but I still find myself looking around at the various details. I think the pictures on the back walls are part of what draws me in.

Cat Scott said...

Thanks, Riff dog! Strangely enough, I never found my desk space interesting until I sat down to draw it. Lots of fun things that make it "me!"