August 6, 2009

Will Rogers

Will Rogers, originally uploaded by Gato81.

I brought my watercolor pad to the beach on Saturday afternoon to attempt some late afternoon "plein air" sketching and painting. I started with a pen sketch (the usual Hi-Tec C, in Blue) and then added washes of watercolor. I had some issues with the paper repelling the paint over on the left hand side. I guess it's from sunscreen rubbing off of my arm while I did the sketch (I'm left-handed).

When I returned home, I wanted to drop back the value of the mountains. The color I originally used was pretty dark, and if you have ever been to the beach in LA, you know the mountains are hazy and washed out! So I got out the trusty GAC 100 and some Titanium White and painted over the sky & mountains. I felt pretty good about it.

A little while later, I found mysterious water/GAC splotches on the painting. Not detrimental, but still frustrating. Ugh. I guess that's why this is "sketchbook" work :)

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