September 11, 2009

More characters

More characters, originally uploaded by Gato81.

I did a few more "character" sketches last week based on people I see around the city. I'm the ultimate people-watcher (a favorite pastime my freshman year in college involved sitting in the lobby of my dorm with my roommate just watching people come and go), so it's fun for me to try to recreate the interesting things I see when I'm with my sketchbook later.

It's challenging, too. I can picture it in my brain a certain way, but can't quite make it come out right when I try to draw it. Give me a photograph or a model and I'll render the crap out of it, but this is hard. Which is why I'm doing it - to get practice.

I have a few projects in the pipeline this week, plus some more marketing efforts. My day-job has picked up steam this week too - summer is officially over! Have a great weekend, my friends!


jilliana9 said...

hey! that was me! did i introduce you to people watching? if so, awesome. and, is it ironic that my word verification is chandi? "chandler's a girl! chandler's a girl!"

Cat Scott said...

of course it was you! We would have quizzes for people, like "Do you say Coke, Soda, or Pop?"