September 15, 2009

Tuesday Coolsday

Cool finds from working the google reader on the internet machine.

I like the abbreviated Tuesday Coolsday from the previous post, so I'm going to keep it to just one Cool topic per week. Also, maybe by next week, I'll manage to get the post written before the end of the day :)

Cool NY Times Feature Contributor: Christoph Niemann & his Abstract City column

About once a month, Mr. Niemann creates an illustrated reflection on life around him. The articles are executed using everything from Legos to coffee, and are always charming, quirky, and interesting. From my past "cool" entries, you may have noticed that I don't usually dig such a naive style, but when paired with such thoughtful and clever content, I find it simply brilliant.

I recommend subscribing to the column; it's such a treat when a new one shows up in your reader! You can see more of Christoph's work at his website,

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