December 1, 2009

Tuesday Coolsday: Bruce Scott

Will Rogers Park - 11.25.09 - by Bruce Scott

This is a little cheesy, but this Tuesday I would like to give props to my dad, Bruce.

My dad wasn't an artist, but he was always doing something creative with his time.  When I was little, he taught himself how to watercolor in our basement.  He worked on plans for the never-ending landscaping project that was our tiny backyard while I worked on long division.  The blueprint to the left shows some of his sketches for the white picket fence he built in our backyard (click for larger view).

He's been retired for several years, and since then, he has been a cello player for the Lexington Community Orchestra, written a book, hiked hundreds - thousands? - of miles, and still has time to garden and work on little projects here and there.

Additionally, without all the boxes and boxes of Crayola and Mr. Sketch markers that he bought me as a kid, I may not be doing this art thing.

So dad, thanks for all the markers, thanks for inspiring productivity, thanks for letting me major in art, and thanks for coming to visit me over Thanksgiving!


kabramson said...


Chris Pike said...

I cant get over how much your dad reminds me of mine. Everything from what you tell us about him, the sketches (which I do now too), the way he is dressed in the picture in this post and his mustache. :) Love it.

Sarah Fox said...

Yay for dads! :)

megan said...

your dad totally deserves the props & tuesday spotlight!!! he's pretty awesome & you're very lucky :)