January 3, 2010

Bret McKenzie

Happy TwentyTen, friends!

As you probably remember from my "Best of 2009" blog entry, one of my goals for 2010 is to incorporate my "sketchbook" style into my marketable illustration portfolio. Step one: Create a series of celebrity portraits in this style.

Flight of the Conchords came to mind when I decided to pursue this endeavor, maybe because I recently read that the show is not going into a 3rd season (RIP, FotC).  First up: awkward, shy, and adorable Bret McKenzie.

This series is going to be spontaneous like my sketchbook drawings, meaning no preliminary drawing, no tracing paper, no fine tuning.  The final drawing, done with my favorite Hi-Tec C pen, is the same rough and raw "get it down" sketch that I started with.  Acrylic and GAC100 give the "sketch" tone and color.

Stay tuned for my latest RV Living and Louisville Magazine illustrations.  Thanks for stopping by!