March 24, 2009


More intently listening students and other random classtime doodles.

March 19, 2009


A drawing of a fellow classmate, Heather. Her hair is much, much curlier than my sketch conveys.

Class is almost over; when it's through I'll post my "Product Line." It's a little bit outside of my comfort zone (fashion forward? yeah right. Hello, Goodwill!) But I tried, and got some nice handwritten text out of it. I have also learned of some great blogs, met some nice people, and picked up a few Photoshop tricks. Additionally, it gives me quality doodling time.

Till next time, my faithful readers! Hi Jason!

March 16, 2009


Just when I didn't think I could love NPR any more, they go and write a story that validates my doodling behavior.

March 14, 2009

Black is the new Green

A little something I put together for my office encouraging printing in black and white when possible. I'm really into handwritten type lately.

March 10, 2009

Leisure Ladies

A little doodle for a friend. Possibly for a t-shirt, but mostly just for fun.

A big shout out to Lines And Colors for featuring me and saying nice things about my beer series. And it's always flattering when beer connoisseurs notice me too!

Note to self: Finish the half finished beer canvases around the house.