September 29, 2010

Beer in Progress...

It's Craft Beer Week here in Louisville, so when I popped into my neighborhood Valu Market for a few dinner items yesterday, I happened upon a BBC tasting event. It just so happened I was in need of a new beer for my beer series, so I snagged a tasty double IPA called Homewrecker. I started the painting tonight and hope to have it finished by next week.

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

September 25, 2010

Louisville Painting

Louisville - 20" x 10" - Acrylic on Canvas
For Sale: $275, price includes shipping cost

Another half finished painting that I dusted off and finalized. After painting in oils for the Stella painting, it was strange to transition to the quick drying acrylics. But it was nice to not feel like like I was going to pass out while painting in my studio!

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

September 22, 2010


stella artois beer painting

Stella Artois - 18" x 18" - Oil on Canvas
For Sale: $350, price includes shipping cost

Finally finished a beer painting I started back in 2007, Stella Artois. I went through a Stella phase, but got over it when I realized IPA's are far tastier.

Read more over at the beer blog.

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

September 20, 2010

New Cat Scott Logo

cat scott logotype

I created a new logo for my website and blog. Created in my "sketchbook" style on Bristol paper with my trusty Hi-Tec C pen and some acrylic + gac 100 drybrushing.

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

September 14, 2010

Tuesday Coolsday - Wadia Newman

Every Most Tuesdays, I will feature a Louisville artist whose work I admire.

Wadia Newman - Architectural Artist

This weekend was the September Art Fair at theMellwood Art Center. It was my first time to this major creative mecca over in the Clifton area, which is surprising since (a) it's ridiculously close to me, and (b) they have a funky maze of studios, galleries, cafes, and boutiques that are open regardless of a special event. But it took an art fair to get me there for the first time.

Enough about me. This is about Miss Wadia Newman, a very talented draftswoman I happened upon at the fair. Wadia grew up in Louisville, studied architecture at Arizona State, and then worked as an architect in SoCal. Upon her return to Louisville (those who leave always come back!), she was thrilled to draw the ornate architectural details of historic landmarks all over the city. Her drawings are meticulous (in a good way) and truly highlight the beautiful intricacies of these fabulous structures. I have so many favorites of hers already, but only two fit in my little preview image, so I encourage you to get lost in her artwork.

I should also mention that she's as friendly as can be. But then again, who in Louisville isn't?

September 8, 2010

in progress

Working on a Stella painting that I started like 3 years ago. I hate not finishing things, so even though I've outgrown my Stella phase, the painting will be finished. An additional challenge is that it's in oil which I'm out of practice with. Hope to finish it this week!

September 1, 2010

My Dream is to be...

My dad unearthed this gem while sorting through some old family stuff.

I've been feeling a little uninspired lately, so this was a nice reminder that I have followed my dreams and am lucky to have done so. It's hanging in my workspace as a daily reminder that I am doing exactly what I dreamed to do.

I even got the purple skirt!

July 26, 2010

Factor V

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor.

"Factor V Leiden is a common inherited genetic disorder that can increase your chance of developing abnormal blood clots (thrombophilia), usually in your veins." - The Mayo Clinic

I have a girlfriend who had two miscarriages and some serious trouble getting pregnant because she had this hereditary gene called Factor V. My youngest cousin ended up in the hospital and almost died only to discover she had the same thing. Neither girl knew they had the factor V Leiden protein before these experiences.

Unfortunately, the test to discover this rare protein is incredibly expensive and not common enough (so it seems) to be mentioned by any doctor until after you have had multiple failed pregnancies or are in the hospital recovering from thrombophilia. "Oh, you've had 2 miscarriages and have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 3 years? Oh we didn't mention that you have this "factor 5" thing which could have killed you those 10 years you were on the pill? Whoopsie!"

I know this is a bit more morbid than my usual blog entry, but it seems like Factor V should get more attention than it does. I started thinking that there should be a foundation that raises money to help women pay for the test either when they start taking hormones or before they start trying to have a baby. This resulted in a "dream creation" (like this year's Dream Holiday Christmas card): I dreamed that my girlfriends and I started a fundraising foundation for Factor V, and within the dream I came up with the logo like what you see above.

I don't think a foundation is in the cards for us right now, but creating the artwork and writing about it can at least raise awareness on a small level. A little bit of awareness is better than zero awareness.

And now a bit about the artwork: The lettering is all done with black Hi-Tec C on a watercolor paper which was wiped quickly with a water-loaded brush, and then the red "mark" (symbol of a blood clot, my subconscious is very in-your-face) was made by dropping an undiluted drop of red watercolor onto the still wet page.

Again, I'm not a doctor, please read more about factor V Leiden at the Mayo Clinic.

July 13, 2010

Tuesday Coolsday - Mackenzie Haley

Every Most Tuesdays, I will feature a Louisville artist whose work I admire.

Mackenzie Haley - Illustrator

It's possible you haven't seen much of Mackenzie Haley's work - yet - because she is a moonlighting illustrator. She spends the weekdays working for The Man and has to then summon the energy to create some of her adorable pictures. It's truly a shame there isn't more of her stuff out there because Mackenzie does some really creative things with her unique drawing and collage style.

Her "critters" are drawn with a lively and playful line, and the colors are funky and fresh without being overwhelming or busy.

Right now, it looks like the best place to see her work is through her Carbon Made portfolio, but she also has a blog that is updated every few months. She is working on a children's book that is sure to be delightful and funky, just like Mackenzie!

I should mention that Mackenzie is a fellow University of Dayton Flyer with whom I had the pleasure of sharing Illustration classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 am :)

July 12, 2010

Yoga in Louisville

Sorry, no art in this post. Instead just some nerdiness. I sought out yoga classes all over Louisville and made a calendar so I would have no excuse for missing a class. The master calendar for yoga in Louisville is below (click link for a GIANT version), and I'm sharing it with anyone seeking the same info.

Disclaimers:This calendar was created for personal use. The class times might change and this does not include ALL yoga classes, especially ones too far east for me to attend. If this gains popularity, I'll add more classes and I might even color code based on style. I encourage you to contact me if you notice a schedule change or want me to add bikram*.


*I am afraid of passing out in the heat of Bikram, so it does not interest me at this time.

June 29, 2010

Tuesday Coolsday - Nancy Wentzel

Every Tuesday, I will feature a Louisville artist whose work I admire.

Nancy Wentzel - Painter

Over the weekend, I popped into a local Highlands gallery, Swanson Reed, and discovered a new favorite local artist. As a sucker for impressionism and vibrant colors, I was immediately attracted to her lush, lively landscapes scattered about the gallery space.

Her "streetscapes" feature rows of small homes with porches perfect for late evening chats with neighbors and sipping lemonade. "Mellwood Ave" struck the nostalgia chord with me having grown up on a similar street just a few blocks away. There were a few in the gallery that looked like my favorite grand brick homes here in the Highlands, unfortunately they do not seem to be up on her site.

Please go to Nancy's website to see more of her work, and head to Swanson Reed on Bardstown to get up close and personal with her beautiful paintings.

June 9, 2010

New Albanian Vase Growler

new albanian growler vase

Over Memorial Day weekend, I spent a lovely afternoon sipping on New Albanian Brewing Co's Hoptimus at the Bank Street Brewhouse in New Albany, IN. The clever girls there were using New Albanian growlers as vases for some pretty wildflowers. Ah, summer and beer, they always go together. And in so many delightful ways.

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

June 8, 2010

Tuesday Coolsday - Kalla Studios

Every Tuesday, I will feature a Louisville artist whose work I admire.

Kristen Reinhart Davis - Kalla Studios - Silversmith and Jewelry Maker

This week, I have the pleasure of introducing you to another talented craftswoman I met at the Buy Local First Fair a few weekends ago. I was attracted to the beauty and craft of her pieces, particularly the skill involved in her tree pieces. Having been a silversmith and silver instructor back in the day, I fully appreciated the skill and patience one needs with a jeweler's saw.

Upon visiting her Kalla Studios Etsy Shop, I learned that she only uses silver that is recycled or was mined ethically. She also uses a lot of recycled material in her work like the recycled glass in her Drop Pendant necklace (bottom, right).

Learn more about Kristen and her traditional artisan techniques over at her website,

June 3, 2010

Folder circa 1994

Another busy week; totally forgot about Tuesday Coolsday. I'll be back in the groove next week. In the meantime, here's a gem I found at my mom's house last weekend. This was a folder of mine from grade school, probably around 1994 or 1995 (7th grade). I was getting into music so I doodled lots lyrics that would be stuck in my head during class. Recognize some oldies in there?

I was inspired to post this after seeing Gail Anderson's "My Best Work" article in How Magazine. While my folder is not nearly impressive (I like to think it is because she was a few years older when she made hers), it's still fun to see that great designers doodled about music during class just like me.

Don't worry teachers, we already learned that when you doodle, you remember more.


Cat Scott

P.S. Please be gentle about the stickers. There was a big smiley face thing going on in my generation...remember this poster?

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 28, 2010

Waterfront + SaltNPepa

Just a few sketches before we launch into a 3 Day Weekend. I don't know about you, but I was SLAMMED with real work so I didn't have as much play time. Wednesday night I managed to get out for Waterfront Wednesday down at the Riverfront park. Relaxing in the sun, drinking beer, listening to music, watching the sun set over the Ohio... it was quite nice. I found some time to sketch a couple people who were lounging around us.

Last weekend, I took a moment to sketch my Coronita Salt & Pepper Shakers. The salt was stolen for me from a house party by a boyfriend circa 1999, and the pepper was swapped from some seafood restaurant in Indianapolis circa 2003. The napkin holder was acquired legally at Bed Bath & Beyond circa 2010.


Cat Scott

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 25, 2010

Tuesday Coolsday - Casey Emrich

Every Tuesday, I will feature a Louisville artist whose work I admire.

Casey Emrich - Jewelry Artist

I met Casey at the Buy Local First Fair at the Louisville Visual Art Association this weekend. She recognized me as a fellow Sacred Heart Academy graduate (not sure how when she wasn't in my class. She must have the best memory EVER). We shared memories of our old art teachers and I learned about her: Her beautiful little jewelry pieces are made from reclaimed findings that she paints and reassembled. She and her partner are opening a new boutique called "Consider Boutique" opening around the Holiday season right in my 'hood, the Highlands.

Visit her LeeluQ Etsy Shop to snatch up some of her goodies. I have my eye on the Autumn Branch (above, top right)!

May 23, 2010

Spices + Herbs Collage

I started this spices lettering project a long time ago so I'm happy to have finally done something with it! Stay tuned for prints for sale.

I'm also excited to have spent the afternoon at the Buy Local First Fair here in Louisville where I met some very talented local artists. I feel inspired to reinstate Tuesday Coolsday but will focus on local artists (there are so so many!)

Now it's time to go watch 5.5 hours of LOST. How will it all end??


Cat Scott

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 19, 2010

Some sketchbook stuff

A few random and unfinished doodle sketches from this year. Kate Hudson, headphones, and Jason lounging on the couch.

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 13, 2010

Sneak Peak

A little piece for Better RVing Magazine in the works...

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 11, 2010

Jason Studying for the GRE

After a long day of work and staring at my computer, I plopped down next to Jason where he was studying for the GRE and did a little drawin.' Nothing like some hatching to work out the tension from the day.

- Cat

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 10, 2010

Alec Baldwin

Sometimes these sketches aren't good likenesses. This started as Alec Baldwin but now I think it kind of looks like Martin Sheen. But practice makes perfect... just gotta keep doing them and hopefully the likenesses will start to come more naturally.

Most of these have been done from Hulu or DVD screen shots, by the way.

- Cat

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 5, 2010

"Food for Thought" for Louisville Magazine

Tonight, Louisville Magazine is having a launch party for their May issue. I'm especially excited because not only do I have an illustration in this issue, but I have my very first contributor's blurb!

The story is about a woman in her 40's who decides to go to culinary school and finds her age, experience, and lack of distractions to be beneficial to learning. It was a very sweet and inspiring story.

I was excited to be able to use my "sketchbook style" here again. Thanks to art director Kelly Waterman for the fun assignment!

- Cat

Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

May 4, 2010

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was third in my list of "Celebrities to Draw." I saw her in Adventureland where she played a lost soul of sorts, but from what I hear she's also in some vampire movies. I think she sort of looks like a stoned raccoon, so in that sense, I think I succeeded with this one.


Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

April 30, 2010

Jemaine Clement

I completed the second celebrity portrait in my sketchbook style portrait series. Since the first sketch was of Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords, it was only appropriate to draw Jemaine Clement, the 2nd in the duo.

I'm really excited about this style. I think it suits my personality - I get to do some tedious detail work, but then get spontaneous and messy with the painting. Plus I dig how it looks. I recently completed an illustration for Louisville Magazine in this style, and I have another coming down the pipes. Hooray for a new style!

Happy Oaks Day!


Cat Scott - Louisville Graphic Designer and Illustrator

April 26, 2010

The Big Move

I recently uprooted my life in Los Angeles and moved across the country to my hometown of Louisville, KY. My Biggest Fan, Jason, uprooted his life too, and joined me on this adventure.

I'm lucky enough to be doing freelance graphic design with my previous employer, Eastdil Secured, as my #1 client. Jason is going back to school to become a physical therapist. It's a huge transition for both of us, but we're both excited to see where the future takes us!

Below is a little collage snapshot of our adventure. Now that I'm working from home in an actual studio space, I hope to be creating more work, which means I'll be posting more often.



February 18, 2010

Paint Lab

Where have I been?

I blame taxes. At the beginning of this year, I realized how much I'm going to get reamed and I thought, "Why do I waste my free time on this?"

So in rebellion I took a break from drawing - I stopped sketching, I stopped working on side projects, I never mailed out the pile of promotional mailers I printed. I even stopped reading art related blogs. I finished building my new illustration website just because it was a web development project - not necessarily because of the art. I was frustrated with art and wanted to give up.

Well last Thursday I was reminded why I do this. For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and his two friends surprised their special lady friends with a night at Paint Lab in Santa Monica. For a flat fee you get an evening at darling paint studio on Main Street in Santa Monica. You pay for the canvas you choose from their stock (there's an $8 "corkage" if you bring your own), and they provide paints, supplies, clean-up, and if you're there on the right night like we were, FREE wine and cheese all night.

Since it was a surprise, I wasn't prepared to paint anything specific. So I opened my mini sketchbook that I keep in my purse and flipped through for inspiration. I landed on my Mucha Girl sketch and decided to go with it. We were provided with some acrylic paints and cheap old scraggly paint brushes, but it was enough to get me excited. For about an hour, my five buddies and I sipped Chardonnay, munched on delicious bread and brie, listened to music, chatted, and PAINTED.

Here's what I miss about art: The social interaction. I miss taking a break, stepping back, asking for thoughts, looking at friends' progress and offering suggestions. I have been struggling with making art in my free time because it usually means skipping dinners or workouts, missing spontaneous happy hours, sitting at home by myself and working while friends are all out having fun. It usually means reserving at least one day of the weekend for time at my dining room table/"studio" while friends hike, explore, relax, or travel.

I've been putting too much stress on myself. Therefore, this blog is going to be less active than before.

I'm going to do my job as a graphic designer, and I'm going to be good at it, because I've always loved typography and organizing information for optimal user experience.

I'm going to continue to learn web design because I'm a giant nerd and sort of love coding.

I'm going to draw when I want to draw, or when there's an assignment, or if it's right for a piece I'm designing, and I'm going to enjoy it more that way.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. I'll be here off and on, and I encourage you to stick around.

By the way, my illustration portfolio has been redesigned - hand coded in XHTML and CSS. Look ma, no Dreamweaver! Let me know what you think. More photos from Paint Lab are below. Definitely check it out if you are in the area.



Here's me enjoying the free spread of wine, cheese, crackers, bread, garlic/oil spread... mmmmmm

Natalie channeled her inner Pollock.

Dave's started as Marilyn Monroe, but slowly became Marilyn Manson.

Jon painted his one true love... his puppy Shelby.  From memory!

Jon's fiance Melissa painted a heart in honor of Valentine's day.  I dig the grey background.

Here I am, working on Ms. Mucha

And Jason is oh-so-proud of his "Interpretive piece."  If you ask him, "who is Jacob?" His response is, "Who do you think he is?"  He truly belongs in the MOMA.

Thanks again for the surprise!

January 6, 2010

Racino Downs

The January issue of Louisville Magazine is out on a newsstand near you!* The gang at LouMag needed an illustration for an important feature article about how legalizing slot machines could save Kentucky's horse industry.

I'll do my best to sum up the multi-faceted and interesting story: Other states have legalized gambling to fund their horse racing industries and are thus able to fund giant purses for winning horses. Therefore, if someone wants to make a lot of money racing horses, they are going to move to Indiana or Pennsylvania where the money is. Kentucky's rich horse history and culture are suffering because Churchill Downs simply cannot afford to keep up with such lavish prizes without legalizing casinos.

During the thumbnail process, I kept thinking that the story really boiled down to the horses that were going to win or lose - they were truly the ones betting on a win. So I sketched a horse at a slot machine. The team loved it, and I got to do my first "Animal Acting Like a Human" illustration!

Thanks to reference photos and the artistic license to make joints bend in opposite ways, I drew up this lovely Gambling Horse.

One of my other thumbnails ended up working well as a spot illustration (below). You LOST fans will notice that I used some of The Numbers as the prize amount... I'm such a nerd.

Another fun project for LouMag under my belt.  Looking forward to the next assignment!

Thanks for reading,


*Unless you are one of the millions of people not in Kentuckiana

January 5, 2010

Tuesday Coolsday: Philip Burke

I don't remember if I first discovered Philip Burke in my copy of "The Illustrated Portraits," or gracing the pages of my own Rolling Stone, but I do know that the first time I saw his paintings I was hooked.

As a student of illustration, I was doing a lot of caricatures.  Some caricature artists take the time to push and pull different features in many versions, but Burke's work seems more spontaneous and lively, like it was all done in one impression. His exaggerations are fierce and his use of color just jumps off the page at you.

These paintings are as big as I am and sell for more than I hope to make in my entire career.  But what's cooler is that his paintings hang in the homes of his subjects - that is a true honor. He is a lucky man whom I admire quite a bit.

His gallery's site is located here:  LB Madison

For more info, better writing, and links, visit Charley Parker's write-up on Burke at Lines and Colors

January 3, 2010

Bret McKenzie

Happy TwentyTen, friends!

As you probably remember from my "Best of 2009" blog entry, one of my goals for 2010 is to incorporate my "sketchbook" style into my marketable illustration portfolio. Step one: Create a series of celebrity portraits in this style.

Flight of the Conchords came to mind when I decided to pursue this endeavor, maybe because I recently read that the show is not going into a 3rd season (RIP, FotC).  First up: awkward, shy, and adorable Bret McKenzie.

This series is going to be spontaneous like my sketchbook drawings, meaning no preliminary drawing, no tracing paper, no fine tuning.  The final drawing, done with my favorite Hi-Tec C pen, is the same rough and raw "get it down" sketch that I started with.  Acrylic and GAC100 give the "sketch" tone and color.

Stay tuned for my latest RV Living and Louisville Magazine illustrations.  Thanks for stopping by!