May 5, 2009

Katy jumping

My new studio/dining room/game room/library -->
I'm finally settling into my new apartment (last time I counted, I have moved 21 times in my short life*). My art supplies all have a nice home in the Ikea cabinet in my living room (don't want to clutter the living space). Of course, now that everything is in its right place (queue Radiohead), it's time to make a mess with it!

I grabbed some pens, my little gouche set and an awesome photo of my friend Katy jumping up in the air. The pen I used was apparently water soluble, so when I went in with washes of gouache, it started getting a bit crazy. I didn't really think this through, nor had I planned any sort of outcome, just messing around with the ol' art supplies. I do like the spontaneous energy of this little sketch, probably more for Katy's Lebron like moves than the drawing itself.

More coming soon, including a new item (or two?) for my etsy shop and my surprise mother's day projects.

* 21 times includes the moves to and from college, to and from my summer job at Silver Bay, and to and from the Illustration Academy. I know you were wondering.

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