June 14, 2007


"Transportation" was this week's theme for Girls Who Draw. This is a sailboat I spotted right off shore in Marigot, St. Maarten when we went on our cruise last month.

This is my 2nd sincere attempt at watercolor. I rather like the technique. Maybe one day I'll get good enough to upgrade to real watercolor paper and paints - right now I'm working in the unintimidating Moleskin watercolor sketchbook with my little travel watercolor set and some crappy paintbrushes that are probably meant for acrylic or oil or something. I painted this while Marie Antoinette played on my DVD player. Weird movie. Probably better if I paid attention to it.

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Sarah Fox said...

Okay I just said this on the girls who draw blog, but I'm saying it here to emphasize it. I think you're a bad-ass with the watercolors!! If you are doing all this with bad brushes and watercolors...that's pretty amazing, go treat your self to some of the good kind. Like that nice big set of watercolors Anita Kuntz had at Academy.