July 15, 2007

Self portrait with Nike shirt

This is a quick self portrait in my favorite old thrift store Nike shirt. This was done with a Crayola marker so old, the color's name has rubbed off. Doodles, writing, and gouache were added on other days.

I have been working on my next "illustration" - which is defined by the use of tracing paper and illustration board, as opposed to quick "get it down" line drawings that I cover with a wash of paint. It's a non-figurative piece that's a bit of an experiment. I hope to finish it this week.


Sarah Fox said...

I love what you do with pattern! The space behind her is awesome, as is the text.
Can't wait to see the next illustration.

Tyler said...

In case you didn't know, this is way cool.

A little bit of yellow-orange and you might have a Triad!

BOOM! ...exploding Wednesday.