August 4, 2009

Tuesday Coolsday

Cool finds from working the google reader on the internet machine.

Cool Daily Painter/Blogger: Karin Jurick
I have been following the blog of a "Daily Painter" named Karin Jurick for quite some time. Her paintings are fairly impressionistic with vibrant color and spontaneous, loose, brushwork. Occasionally she spends more than an hour or two on a painting and produces something really striking like this San Francisco scene. It's incredibly reminiscent of Wayne Thiebaud's San Francisco landscapes....
Cool Famous Painter: Wayne Thiebaud
Nice transition, huh? I've been a huge fan of Wayne Thiebaud ever since I saw his famous colorful paintings of gumballs and cakes, but fell head over heels when I saw his San Francisco landscapes. They are incredibly stylized and some are almost cubist, so I guess Karin's landscape isn't exactly the same, but you can see the similarities, right? The blue/violet shadows in his paintings really blow my skirt up. Mmmm. He doesn't have a web page, so I recommend perusing google images to see his stuff.
Thanks for reading, 'till next Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

On Facebook, search Wayne Thiebaud and then LIKE his page. His art and personality are amazing!