October 2, 2009

Mail Service while RVing

Mail Service while RVing, originally uploaded by Gato81.

The senior designer for LazyDays RV's contacted me to do an illustration for their lifestyle magazine, Better RVing. She wanted something very straightforward: a mailman delivering mail to a couple at their RV. I played with color and patterns and tried to make it very pleasant and refreshing, like a glass of iced tea while you are in Key West enjoying your retirement.

Busy weekend ahead of me; I have 2 assignments due next week. I'll probably skip Tuesday Coolsday this week; but I think you'll manage.

Have a great weekend!


Sarah Fox said...

I love it! I love the soft simple shapes of everything. The colors all work really well together too. Being super busy is no fun~ hang in there!

Cat Scott said...

Thanks, Sarah! I like all the colors and shapes too - well that's what I like about art in general :)