June 2, 2009

Jason at LAX

I ventured East last week with Jason, a.k.a. My Biggest Fan. First stop was LAX, and since it's vacation, why not grab a beer before boarding our 4 hour flight? While drinking cold, refreshing, delicious Sam Adams (alcohol always tastes best when you know your coworkers are sitting at their desks), I sketched my traveling partner.

I drew with a Hi-Tec C, .4 mm, while at the Chili's To-Go (there aren't a lot of options in the American Airlines terminal!) . Tonight, in the comfort of my living room, I applied color using GAC 100 and acrylic paint. I learned about this acrylic medium from Andrea Wicklund, and I'm glad I did. It really adds a lot of interest and complexity to a simple cross hatch pen sketch without covering up the line work, and it's fairly easy to apply a few washes while catching up on episodes of Flip This House.

Immediately following the consumption of our beers at the airport, we saw Jose Conseco at Chili's and Jason shook his hand. So by extension, I think this drawing should be pretty famous, or at least chock full of sterioids. It also validates our choice in restaurant, because famous people eat there too!

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