June 17, 2009

Views from the 16th Floor

My office is located on prime real estate in Santa Monica: Pacific Coast Highway and some sand separate us from the ocean. It's pretty ridiculous when you enter the main reception area: Floor to ceiling windows line the entire west (ocean) facing walls, and you see blue sea for miles (or just a mile, depending on the smog that day). The other sides of the building look out over the city - north to Malibu and Pacific Palisades, East towards Brentwood and Santa Monica (and on a clear day, towards Big Bear), and South towards Venice - and I find these views to be much more interesting.

While waiting for a job to print in our production room, I grabbed a few scraps of paper and doodled some of those views and thought I would share them with you. This is another one that would be cool if I had paint on hand because the colors make a big difference. Maybe I should start bringing my gouache set to work :)


Erika Steiskal said...

I love these little blue drawings!! They are so cute and such interesting proportions. You should try using these as the inspiration for larger paintings.
I think the long narrow format really gives the compositions a dynamic quality which draws me into the pieces. Beautiful work!! :)

Cat Scott said...

Erika, I agree that these could be cool painting formats... just haven't been into big paintings lately. They're hard to do in my tiny pockets of art time. I'll keep it in mind, though!