June 22, 2009

Santa Monica Pier

Another lunch break drawing adventure in my Moleskin.

This little gem was created during two 30 minute lunch breaks (for the on-site pen drawing) and a little bit of time with the acrylic paint and GAC 100 at home. I was watching "Intervention," a show on A&E, while I worked on this, and will now forever associate my drawing with a crack addict named Chad. Don't worry, he ultimately sought treatment and is now sober.

Similarly, I have a drawing of apples that I worked on while watching the 9/11 coverage; I can't look at the apples without being reminded of the details of that day. I'm sure it's normal to associate what you're drawing to whatever you're listening too; it's like I heard; "if you doodle, you remember more."

For fun, I thought I would share a nice aerial view of this drawing vantage point and scene:

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