June 30, 2009

Tuesday Coolsday

Trying something new: Cool finds from working the google reader on the internet machine.

Cool Collection: Best Custom Lettering of 2009 (so far)
This work from around the web is simply amazing. It inspires me in a big way, but also makes me want to bury my moleskin where no one will ever see it. I'll get there. {via Design Observer}

Cool Dude: Paul Heaston
I simply cannot get enough of this guy's sketchbooks. I actually have a crush on one drawing specifically (sorry, Jason). I highly recommend subscribing to his blog. {originally discovered via Lines and Colors}

Cool Write-Up: David Apatoff on the Illustration Academy
Having attended the Illustration Academy and spent 7 grueling weeks day-in and day-out with these people, I have to say I'm biased. So I'm always happy when an outsider sees what the fuss is all about and gives the IA gang the recognition they deserve. {via Illustration Art}

Cool Friend: Erika Steiskal's penguins
Erika is a roommate from aforementioned Illustration Academy so we have a special bond that will keep us close for a lifetime. She just recently entered the freelance world and started working on a children's book about penguins. She's such a dedicated artist - she made little penguin sculptures! A LOT of them! Just so she could have accurate lit reference photos! Impressive. Also look for her sketchbook stuff and an almost-complete Bernanke illustration.

That's it! Tune in next Tuesday for more coolness.


Erika Steiskal said...

Thanks for the write-up and the other links! I LOVE Paul Heaston's sketchbook. It makes me want to do more street scenes :)
Have you seen the work of Francis Vallejo and Andrew Hem? They are both recent graduates from Ringling and fellow IA alum with some amazing work.

Cat Scott said...

Thanks, Erika. I'll be sure to check those guys out!