May 2, 2007

more class time doodles

a puppy (from one of our practice files in class)

some students and notes.

I learned that I am incredibly interested in typography. I really enjoyed looking at and drawing letterforms. They are so carefully designed... and they end up so tiny in the end.


Sarah Fox said...

ha ha! I found your new blog!!! Your sketchbook stuff is looking better and better all the time lady. I love both these pages, the puppy and the class. So impressive. When I was drawing last night I tried to create some pattern with my cross-hatching because you've been doing it and I like it so much.

Cat Scott said...

Sarah, you sneaky sneaky girl. I haven't "publicized" cause there isn't much content. I'll give it a few weeks. I'm glad I inspired you, since you inspire me! I have been drawing a lot, but not painting. I need to get on that.

Unknown said...

Your sketches are beautiful Kat, you have such a beautiful line.
Have you done any sketches in San Fran?

Jared Shear said...

Hey thanks for checking out my blog. The project has been a lot of fun...hard at times, but definitely fun. I have never tried shaving down my pastels and mixing them with a matte medium. I actually do use a gloss matte medium a lot to seal down my pastels especially if they are soft, brushing it on with a large house paint brush to get a nice brush stroke texture. Sometimes if I get too vigorous it will muddy on me, but I have found a black conte works really well and gives me just the right amount of lift off.

Cool sketches, I love your image of Dwight. I also checked out some of the other sites you are part of, beautiful stuff....look forward to seeing more.