May 17, 2007


I spent my lunch break yesterday sketching the building where I work (7th floor). There's this huge, lovely landscaped plaza with lots of palm trees that leads from the parking garage to my office. This is drawn from near the garage towards my building. I intended to draw our neighboring building too, but my lunch hour was up. I'll finish it next time... if I find the time to take a lunch break!

My company, Eastdil Secured, had a going away party for one of our guys who is moving to London. We were out LATE. I showed my drawing to some people and they said "You should be an artist." Ummm... that's the idea.

Tonight is the season finale of the office. My new friend Angela, who I met at the Illustration Academy in San Francisco this spring, gave me some excellent critiques on my Dwight sketch. I will work on that tonight while watching. I promise I'll finish it soon... the plan is to have it done by the end of the weekend.

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Sarah Fox said...

What a beautiful sketch lady! I love your line work.
I've gotten comments like that before from people. Like when I tell them I went to school for painting... "Why aren't you working as a painter than?" If only it were that simple...