September 22, 2009

Tuesday Coolsday

Cool finds from working the google reader on the internet machine.

Cool Sewing Illustrator: Miki Sato

This young illustrator demonstrates how successful an image can be with a limited color pallete, interesting textures, and simple design. I can't believe she sews her illustrations! It's such a unique and interesting technique.

Most of the time, I love how there are no answers in illustration. There are thousands of solutions to one problem. I am constantly learning from how others tackle problems and it encourages me to push myself in my image making.

Sometimes, however, I hate that there are no right answers. When my brain is spinning out of control searching for an absolute, I like to do some algebraic equations. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. It helps rope in my brain, and reminds me why I want to do art for a living.

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