October 19, 2009

Illustrated Babies

Isabella, originally uploaded by Gato81.

Hello my faithful blog readers,

Today I am announcing the launch of a brand spanking new website, www.IllustratedBabies.com!

I created this site for a few reasons:

  1. I like drawing babies.*

  2. People have really enjoyed giving these as gifts.

  3. I like making a little extra money.

  4. I wanted to build a website from XHTML and CSS (Look ma, no Dreamweaver!), because I am a giant computer nerd.

Through November 6, I am offering an introductory discounted rate of 20% off regular prices. Get your orders in before the holiday rush!

And most importantly, tell your friends! Especially if they are a new mommy or aunt or grandma!!



*This particular baby was a joy to draw because it's my cousin's newborn! Congratulations, Elizabeth & Mark!


Sarah Fox said...

Can't wait to see more babies!! This one is really beautiful, I think your drawing style goes well with the subject matter because of all the nice bright colors you have layered in there.
Plus I'm impressed you did the website from XHTML and CSS!! I have yet to take a class in all that but it sounds pretty complicated. You are the design/art goddess :)

Cat Scott said...

Thanks, Sarah! I can't believe i built this, too. It helps that I learned HTML back in college, and that I'm a math nerd deep down :)