July 26, 2010

Factor V

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor.

"Factor V Leiden is a common inherited genetic disorder that can increase your chance of developing abnormal blood clots (thrombophilia), usually in your veins." - The Mayo Clinic

I have a girlfriend who had two miscarriages and some serious trouble getting pregnant because she had this hereditary gene called Factor V. My youngest cousin ended up in the hospital and almost died only to discover she had the same thing. Neither girl knew they had the factor V Leiden protein before these experiences.

Unfortunately, the test to discover this rare protein is incredibly expensive and not common enough (so it seems) to be mentioned by any doctor until after you have had multiple failed pregnancies or are in the hospital recovering from thrombophilia. "Oh, you've had 2 miscarriages and have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 3 years? Oh we didn't mention that you have this "factor 5" thing which could have killed you those 10 years you were on the pill? Whoopsie!"

I know this is a bit more morbid than my usual blog entry, but it seems like Factor V should get more attention than it does. I started thinking that there should be a foundation that raises money to help women pay for the test either when they start taking hormones or before they start trying to have a baby. This resulted in a "dream creation" (like this year's Dream Holiday Christmas card): I dreamed that my girlfriends and I started a fundraising foundation for Factor V, and within the dream I came up with the logo like what you see above.

I don't think a foundation is in the cards for us right now, but creating the artwork and writing about it can at least raise awareness on a small level. A little bit of awareness is better than zero awareness.

And now a bit about the artwork: The lettering is all done with black Hi-Tec C on a watercolor paper which was wiped quickly with a water-loaded brush, and then the red "mark" (symbol of a blood clot, my subconscious is very in-your-face) was made by dropping an undiluted drop of red watercolor onto the still wet page.

Again, I'm not a doctor, please read more about factor V Leiden at the Mayo Clinic.


Kater said...

Love the logo.
I have never even heard of this before...definitely good to get the awareness out there. And what better way than through art?

Cat Scott Larimore said...

Thanks, Kater!